Peter McClennan

Copy of Peter McClennan
  • General Management experience in a leading advisory / consulting, software technology and professional development company to the global mining industry.

  • Fifteen years’ management and operational experience in the Logistics Sector.

  • Thirteen years’ Senior / Executive Management in the Environmental Waste Management Sector, Strategic Development and Marketing Sectors.

  • Appointed as Transpacific Industries ($2.2 B) Group Sales / Marketing and Strategic Development Manager.

  • Developed, communicated and implemented national sales / marketing / strategic vision, structure, processes, reporting and disciplines spanning 224 employees.

  • Implemented a custom-built CRM package (Sales Force) across Transpacific Sales, Strategic Development, Marketing and National Accounts teams.

  • Implemented a Strategic Development vision within the internal businesses and large major corporate companies to identify long-term opportunities and innovations.

  • Developed interactive presentation tools for Executive Management and Senior Sales business presentations.

  • Successful Project Bid Leader of major corporation waste services tenders (Woolworths, Department of Defence, QLD Public Hospitals & Special Care facilities, Q-Build) in a highly competitive environment.

  • Executive Sponsor of Transpacific corporate website re-development project.
    As Transpacific Cleanaway Regional Manager, re-modeled and implemented major change management programs across business operations, customer service, financial and safety culture.

  • Achieved above revenue / EBIT targets and increased productivity and operating efficiencies within Transpacific Cleanaway business.

  • Successfully lead Negotiations on various E.B.A ‘s with the Transport Workers Union.

  • Senior manager of the successful bid team and implementation management group for the Brisbane City Council Municipal waste and recycling contract 

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