Competition and Consumer Act Compliance


The Refrigerated Warehouse and Transport Association of Australia Ltd (RWTA) brings together individual businesses within the Australian Cold Chain Industry to form a body that represents and acts in the collective interests of its members.

Membership often requires businesses to comply with certain standards and rules that promote ethical behaviour and maintain quality. The RWTA advocate on behalf of members to government and other key organisations and also provide education for members on relevant laws—including the Competition and Consumer Act.

While sharing information and discussing issues with other association members may be undertaken for legitimate reasons, such as setting best practice standards or compiling industry data, the structure of the RWTA — a collective group of competitors — places them and their members at risk of breaching the Act’s rules prohibiting collusive behaviour.

In order to ensure the RWTA do not breach the Act, we need to be careful not to impede competition by imposing rules about membership, industry standards and other types of conduct that are overly restrictive. Members must not use the RWTA network and / or meetings as an opportunity and venue to make anti-competitive agreements, such as those relating to cartel conduct by way of price fixing, output restrictions, and market sharing or bid-rigging.

RWTA Statement of Compliance & Anti-Competitive Behaviour

Compliance with the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 is important, and the RWTA has a strong commitment to ensure that we comply with the Act. The RWTA seeks to minimise the risk of a breach of the Competition and Consumer Act arising from meetings of its Board, and / or members, and has produced the following Statement of Compliance & Anti-Competitive Behaviour.