The RWTA is an Affiliate Partner of the Global Cold Chain Alliance (GCCA). One of the aspects of this partnership is that RWTA Members (Warehouse, Transport, Logistics and Associate Companies) are also members of the GCCA, serviced through RWTA.

The GCCA, with its head office in the USA, was launched in April 2007 with its main goal to enhance the cold chain, ensuring that perishable products retain their quality and safety through each link, and by promoting best practices and information exchange. The organisation currently represents 1,300 member companies in over 65 countries.

The GCCA is an umbrella organisation for the creation of partnerships among associations, governments, institutions and private companies in the cold chain. Its four core partners are the International Association of Refrigerated Warehouses (IARW), the World Food Logistics Organisation (WFLO), the International Refrigerated Transportation Association (IRTA) and the Controlled Environment Building Association (CEBA).

The International Association of Refrigerated Warehouses promotes best practices in the temperature-controlled warehousing and logistics industry. It collects information, encourages exchange of ideas, aids members in adopting new technology, and advises on legislation and regulations affecting the food industry.

The World Food Logistics Organisation is a non-profit organisation dedicated to the proper handling and storage of perishable products and the development of systems and best practices for the safe, efficient, and reliable movement of food to the people of the world. WFLO focuses on research, education, and training. A unique online library, practical manuals and a group of 20 scientists, gathered in the Scientific Advisory Council, offer assistance to members.

The International Refrigerated Transportation Association dedicates itself to promoting the interests of companies involved in producing, importing, exporting, transporting, warehousing and otherwise dealing with temperature controlled products. The organisation fosters good commercial and trade relations between transportation companies, their suppliers, and customers; gathers and disseminates information; and protects the interests of its members from unlawful and unjust measures and practices.

The Controlled Environment Building Association represents the expert builders who specialise in the design and construction of controlled environment buildings, including cold storage warehouses, food processing facilities, clean rooms, pharmaceutical facilities, and foodservice and retail distribution centres.

The GCCA has partnerships with cold store associations all over the world. Furthermore, the association enjoys the support of a large number of companies involved in food processing, manufacturing, retailing and marketing as well as refrigeration & air conditioning industry associations.