Refrigerated Warehouse & Transport Association of Australia Ltd (RWTA) is committed to respecting your consumer rights. As a consumer, your personal information is protected by law.  RWTA endeavours at all times to protect such personal information.

This privacy policy explains the circumstances in which RWTA might collect personal information about you, and how RWTA might use such information.

Personal Information
In the course of providing goods and services to you, we may receive from you information of a personal nature, including:-

  • your name, address, occupation, and other contact information;

  • your date of birth;

  • your credit card and other banking details; and

  • other information about your dealings with us.

Use Of Your Personal Information
RWTA will only collect your personal information for:

  • providing goods and services to you, including the delivery of goods and services to you; and

  • improving RWTA's ability to provide its goods and services to you and other customers.

Personal information will only be used for these purposes.

Disclosure of your personal information will only be made where it is done so for the purposes for which it was collected, where RWTA is required to do so by law, and where you expressly consent for us to make such disclosure.

None of the information given by you will be sold or bartered.  None of your personal information will be given to any third party except where in the above circumstances, or where RWTA is required to do so by law.

Information Security
At all times, RWTA will take all reasonable steps to protect personal information it holds from misuse, loss, unauthorised access, modification or disclosure.

Where personal information is held by RWTA in electronic or physical form, RWTA will take all reasonable steps to ensure that such information is secure.  Such steps may include password-controlled access, and requiring all staff to comply with confidentiality obligations.

Access To Your Personal Information
You may request at any time that RWTA provide details of the personal information it holds about you. Although RWTA will endeavour to provide such information to you, it reserves its right to refuse access to such information where permitted to do so by the National Privacy Principles.

Internet and E-mail Usage
Your use of RWTA website will provide certain information to RWTA.

Whilst browsing the RWTA website, RWTA web page server will place a small text file on your computer’s hard disk called a "cookie". Cookies are used by many websites.  They work by assigning an identification number to your internet browser.  They tell us information about your preferences (for example, they will indicate if you have previously visited the RWTA website).

The cookie allocated to you will be used to ensure the security of our website, and also to improve and enhance how we deliver services to you over the internet. Changing the preferences and options in your Internet browser allows you to control how cookies are created on your computer.  You can choose to be prompted to allow a cookie to be placed on your hard drive; and you can also choose to prevent your browser from accepting any cookies.

However, should you wish to use any of the secure services on the RWTA web site, your browser must be able to accept cookies. You will not be able to be personally identified from the cookie placed on your computer.  Allowing RWTA to place a cookie on your computer will not allow us in any way to access to the rest of your computer, and only RWTA web page server will be able to read it.

E-mail messages received from you are subject to this Privacy Policy.  Where RWTA is legally required to do so, such e-mails may be kept. Any response made by our staff may be monitored for the purpose of ensuring quality in the delivery of our services.