RWTA (NSW Division) Networking Breakfast – Tue 10th February 2015


When: Tuesday 10th February 2015
Where: Breakfast Point Country Club – 72 Village Drive, Breakfast Point
Time: 7.30am to 9.00am

The Networking:

We invite you to take a couple of hours before you start your day to connect with others in the industry to discuss high level topics of real importance, develop new relationships and gain critical information. This is a rare opportunity to network with other senior management professionals within the industry. Ample opportunity will be given for you to discuss issues and network with others.

The Topic:

Vehicle Rollovers!

  • Why do Rollovers Occur? 

  • What is the Appropriate Industrial Relations Response?

The Speakers:

 Mike Robertson, Managing Director & Engineering Manager, Engistics.

  • Mike will cover why rollovers occur – including speed, sudden steering responses, loading, dynamic slosh, suspension and tyres etc. 

Tony Wilks, Group General Manager, Industrial Relations, Toll Group

  • Tony will cover the industrial relations issues to be considered when a driver is involved in a rollover incident.