A2EP Innovation Report


Earlier this week the Alliance to Double Energy Productivity Project released the first draft of a “Next Wave” project that explores the opportunity to make further major improvements in energy productivity through the deployment of innovative technologies and business models by 2030.

Two specific value chains are explored in this paper – one being food (from plate/ export back to farm) which is a very interesting read and obviously includes refrigeration and transport.

We thought this was worth sharing with RWTA Members, and any feedback or input would be greatly appreciated and can be forwarded to:  Jonathan Jutsen Chairman - Australian Alliance to Save Energy Email: jonathan.jutsen@a2se.org.au

Want to know more?

If you’re interested to know more or participate, please visit the website: www.2xep.org.au/

or drop us a line at 2xEP@A2SE.org.au

Cheap and abundant energy has underpinned Australia's economic growth for decades. As energy prices rise and carbon constraints bite, our future prosperity depends on using energy more efficiently. Using less while doing more is key to Australia’s economic future. The 2xEP Forum presented in April 2014 tackled this critical, ambitious challenge: How do we double energy productivity in Australia by 2030?